Bison Properties

Real estate sales and management services for homeowners and investors

Bison Properties offers evaluation of properties for sale or purchase as well as property management services with a focus on the highest and best use of your assets. Each member of the team provides value in the industry with expertise in a specific area of real estate allowing evaluation without conflict. In working interactively to provide an excellent experience to clients and customers, they have created one of the only true full-service brokerages in the Portland-Metro Area. Click here to meet the Bison Team.

Real Estate Needs, Real Solutions

Establishing the value of your property and marketing it to attract the largest pool of qualified buyers is paramount in demanding the highest sales price. The qualified agents at Bison Properties know the local market. Simply listing your home for sale is not enough. The Bison Team has developed a skill-set broader than most which leads to a great experience getting it SOLD! The systems and experience they bring in negotiations within the transaction are designed to save you more money than you spend on commissions. Click Here to contact our listing agent directly and get an evaluation of your home for rent, sale or both!

sustainable property management

As a local full-service property management company, Bison Properties knows the rental market. Their specialized training in Landlord/Tenant Law, Fair Housing and all aspects of property management minimizes your liability and maximizes the return on your investment for single-family homes as well as multifamily properties. The objective in property management is to secure a tenant who pays their rent on time, communicates well and takes care of your property. Bison Properties focuses on a great experience for owners and tenants while generating a return worth the risk of owning real estate. Click Here to experience full-service property management with expertise on your side.

Investing In Your Future

No investment strategy comes without a combination of expense, risk and the potential of reward. Real estate is one of the only investment strategies that allows investors to control their asset and leverage themselves over time. Though there are ebbs and flows in the real estate market the need for a place to live is continuous and real property is finite. Smart investors look for a tangible asset offering the ability to capture a great return over time. Real estate offers that return with additional tax advantages and an opportunity for differentiation within the marketplace. Whether your rental property is all or just a part of your investment strategy, having the right team is critical. Click Here to reach out to the Bison Team.

what's in the bison name?

Company owner, Matt Williams, redeveloped the company strategy and renamed the corporation in 2009 after the economic fallout in the prior two years. While many real estate brokers found second jobs or dropped out of real estate entirely, Matt used the economic downturn to reinvent the way clients experienced real estate investing. He saw the need for a “single-source” in real estate strategy. He began focusing on creating the best team and systems which provide long-term stability for clients with their immediate need in mind.

Having Native American heritage, Matt saw similarities between the history of the Bison and his professional accomplishments. Bison stand strong in the face of severe weather and extreme living conditions. They have faced significant adversity and near extinction over time but have remained a strong and resilient figure in American history and our culture. They have not only survived but now thrive.

Like the animal, Bison Properties has remained steady and consistent in the face of market instability and industry challenges. They focus on survival and stability over the long-term and have a team designed to advise clients. Whether you are buying your first home or investing in a multi-family property, the ever-changing real estate market should be considered. The experts at Bison Properties offer insight and expertise to thrive.