Investing & Development

Every real estate transaction is an investment. Whether you plan on occupying the home yourself, selling it down the road at a profit or purchasing it as a long-term investment strategy Bison Properties can help. Our team focuses on value with your specific intention in mind. We help you navigate the process of buying in the neighborhood that fits your needs and at a price that offers a return on your investment. Balancing the emotional side of the process with the money involved can be challenging. We focus on stabilizing your focus and evaluating properties to plan your next move.

As the real estate investment market tightens, there is very little available for investors to purchase and add to their portfolio. Our clients have been looking for investment properties which provide a greater return without the premium required in the current market for an older building that has deferred maintenance. We manage their existing rental properties and multi-family assets. Having fine-tuned the processes and systems which minimize liability, avoid vacancy and generate a higher return makes using us to purchase again an easy transition. The increasing rental rates, short supply of units, and more people moving to the Portland-Metro area are contributing factors. Still, there has been very little on the market to expand their portfolio which leaves our clients with fewer choices and lower returns.

Owning real estate comes with risk just as any other investment and it should demand a return for the risk taken. Real estate does, however, allow an investor to have a tangible asset that produces income when positioned correctly. It is one of the only investment strategies which allows an owner to finance a portion of the initial value and make decisions over time to control the differentiation of the product in competition with other like-kind investments. An investor can choose to upgrade portions of the property, refinance in times of lower interest rates, hire suitable professionals, plan for both short-term and long-term maintenance projects and leverage their asset to expand their portfolio. The flood of investors in the market willing to take a substandard product or pay more than they should for a property has driven prices up and quality down in our market.

Bison Properties’ property management division offers context to our sales training and experience while you are considering options. We can more easily evaluate the probable return and provide factual information instead of making assumptions. Because we manage a portfolio of homes and apartments we often have knowledge of properties coming available prior to hitting the market. This also allows you keep all of your real estate services with one company. We help our clients make a profit by maximizing the purchase, management and sale of their home or multifamily building. In some cases we invest with them or work on developing a project that would yield the desired return. Our goal is to find the highest and best use of each project or property. Call or email us today to evaluate your investment options and develop a strategy to meet your goals.