We’ve all heard the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20” and most of us can look back at a specific point in our lives and see things more clearly than we did at the time of the event. As we enter 2022 we are looking back at the year 2020….and 2021! It seems like they blended together in a surreal shift in our culture, financial markets and social norms. Every re-visit to the past should be seen as an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn from our prior decisions. This is no different and the past two years are unique in that there is not one person on the planet who was not affected in some way. The pandemic made many of us think about what we valued, how prepared we were for a significant global shift and then reflect on what we would have done differently. 


At the Hindsight 20/20 Symposium, leading industry professionals will break down some tough questions to turn hindsight into foresight as you make decisions moving forward. We’ll address questions like, “are my investments diversified enough for the next global issue?”, “is my real estate portfolio structured to weather the next shift in the market?”, “are all of my assets protected?” and “are my affairs in order in case something happens to me?”. We’ll also have industry professionals in the legal area, real estate, finance, lending, insurance, and other economic areas give insight on what to expect and be a resource for related questions. 

Whether you are just beginning to plan for the life ahead, building a financial and real estate portfolio or looking to tidy up your legacy this opportunity is unique and extremely valuable. We are very happy to have you join us at our Hindsight 20/20 Symposium as we combine our resources to develop our foresight for 2022 and beyond.


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Matt Williams

Licensed Broker in OR, WA & ID

Bison Properties Team

Silvercreek Realty Group





Topic Title: Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda…Prevention and Preparation in Real Estate


Though real estate investing can be considered a “passive investment”, we can maximize the profitability of our real estate investments by developing a plan and tweaking it along the way.  Nearly every investor has regrets. If there’s one thing the past two years have taught us, it is that ANYTHING can happen. Some of us flourished throughout the chaos while others struggled. What made the difference? What could have gone wrong with your investments had the economy tanked during the past two years? Was your estate and family ready if you had become incapacitated in the past two years? In this session, Matt will explore ways to analyze your preparedness for the next big shift and how you can maximize your return regardless of global chaos. 

Lane Lowry

Premier Mortgage

Business Development Manager / Loan Officer

NMLS# 1658229

Premier Mortgage Resources



Topic Title: Effectively Riding the Rate Wave


Mortgage rates are STILL at record lows and a lack of available inventory has been sustaining the housing market's booming demand. But now that the pandemic is subsiding & inflation is in full flux, rates are on the rise and are likely to continue to increase… but by how much?  The conflict in Ukraine – what will be the short-term and long-term effects on the markets and mortgage rates?  How should you interpret the federal government's rhetoric regarding the tightening of its monetary policy & what does that mean to mortgage rates, specifically?  


When do rates become too high to make investing in real estate cost-effective? What’s the sweet spot and how do I get started? What is the future of the housing market in the Treasure Valley, and can I still find equitable investments or has that ship sailed? We will do our best to answer these questions & more while also providing tips & information on programs investors use to increase their real estate portfolio.

Tyler McCuen

Financial Professional

The Prudential Insurance Company of America




Topic Title: Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail


Unfortunately you can’t “fake it ‘til you make it” in investment. One of the very best things that we can do to set ourselves up for success is to prepare. Tried and true methodologies that have a proven track record of helping millions of individuals and families accomplish their financial goals help you stay the course. Because “staying the course” isn’t the same for everyone, financial planning is both personal and a crucial component of preparation. Analyzing income solutioning, life insurance, long-term care, tax and estate strategies, and other factors can be overwhelming. We use tools to find solutions for success! A financial plan helps put the puzzle together, and provide specific, relevant, and vital insight into your financial picture. Join us for an opportunity to start your plan!


Sheli Fulcher Koontz

Attorney at Law/Partner

Johnson May





Topic Title: Estate Planning: Are You Leaving a Legacy or a Hot Mess? 


Nobody would have ever guessed we would have spent the last 2 years in masks, in isolation, and in a chronic state of uncertainty.  Perfectly rational people can behave irrationally after the loss of a loved one, especially in these chaotic times. Uncertainty + irrationality = hot mess for those you leave behind if you have misplanned or made no plan for your eventual exit.  Not having a complete estate plan is akin to not having a parachute for both you and your family as you age and at your death. In this session, Sheli will point out the mistakes and myths surrounding estate planning in Idaho and how you can leave a legacy instead of a hot mess.


Wyatt Johnson

Attorney at Law/Partner

Johnson May





Topic Title: So, you think you want to do private loans?


Making private loans is a strategy that some people use to diversify their investing. Success or failure will depend on whether you set up the transaction correctly.  The issues we will examine will be:

  1. Contracting nuts and bolts - loans must be documented, and these documents are not just words on paper.

  2. Collateral and risk - liens and priority in collateral define the risk of a loan. We will give an overview on how to lien collateral (land, equipment, etc.) and who will be competing with you for that collateral.

  3. Dumb ideas - its better to learn from others’ mistakes, rather than your own. I will share some of the bigger problems I have seen so you can avoid them.  


Jan Roeser | Labor Economist

Communications & Research

Idaho Department of Labor

208-332-3570 ext. 3639



Topic Title:‘Huh, well this is Unprecedented! Idaho’s Economic Upshot” 


Content/Description: Over the past two years, we have heard and read that catch phrase ‘This is unprecedented…’ almost as a TikTok video running through our minds. As we stroll down memory lane and review the unprecedented changes that impacted our lives, our livelihood, and our wallets--what can we expect moving forward? What we know:

  • Idaho is one of the states most profoundly impacted by the pandemic. 

  • Idaho was the first state to recover jobs and move out of the recession. 

  • Idaho has blown up with record population growth for the last six years. 


Hindsight is 2020 so coupled with data we can explore some scenarios of Idaho and its post-pandemic economy.